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TRADEcho strengthens position as a market leader as 259 firms now contracted with TRADEcho for MiFID II trade reporting

TRADEcho strengthens position as a market leader as 259 firms now contracted with TRADEcho for MiFID II trade reporting


TRADEcho, the partnership between London Stock Exchange and Boat Services providing a one stop shop for MiFID II transparency services, saw a very positive increase in sales in Q1 and Q2. This recent sales momentum reaffirms TRADEcho’s position as a market leader for pre and post-trade transparency services for MiFID II.

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TRADEcho on reporting rules

TRADEcho on reporting rules


TRADEcho's Per Lovén talks about how the buy-side can comply with trade reporting obligations under MiFID II at TradeTech 2017.


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MiFID II Summary

MiFID II Summary


With only 250 days until MiFID II goes live it is vital that firms understand the implications and are finalising their plans to meet the transparency obligations. 

The TRADEcho regulatory team have put together this summary of the key regulatory materials for MiFID II that firms need to assess. 

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In preparation for MiFID II, London Stock Exchange and Boat Services have partnered to deliver innovative, best-in-class, MiFID II transparency services. The services facilitate efficient and straightforward pre and post trade reporting in an increasingly complex regulatory landscape.

By combining the two existing reporting platforms and utilising the respective strengths of each firm, the partnership can offer an unparalleled breadth and quality of service.

TRADEcho’s services cover all MiFID II asset classes and provide firms with the tools to meet their pre and post-trade transparency obligations, this includes SI Determination, SI Quoting, Smart Report Routing and Trade Publication.

TRADEcho will be operated as an Arranged Publication Arrangement (APA) applying relevant deferrals to provide the market with a clear and concise tape of a firms' trades.

TRADEcho's APA provides Investment Firms with a mechanism to publish trades they have executed and thereby meet their MiFIR/MiFID II post-trade transparency obligations. Trades will be published across all asset classes in line with the regulatory reporting timeframes. Together with UnaVista: firms can enjoy seamless trade and transaction reporting in one experience; helping ease the regulatory burden for financial firms.