London Stock Exchange has over 10 years of reporting experience
    Real knowledge and rigorous application of regulations based on experience
    Pre and post-trade transparency solutions across all MiFID II asset classes
    Bilaterally agreed trades can be executed under the rules of the London Stock Exchange
    As part of LSE, users have access to a range of additional MiFID II services including transaction reporting from UnaVista
    Our resilient technology has seen over 10 years of operation with no incidents, outages, cyber security threats or data breaches
To meet MiFID II reporting requirements, London Stock Exchange (LSE) and Boat Services Ltd joined forces to deliver TRADEcho, a new and best-in-class MiFID II transparency service to help firms ensure compliance in an increasingly complex regulatory landscape. LSE and Boat formed a team of industry, regulatory and technical experts, bringing together the complementary strengths of Boat’s OTC reporting and LSE’s expertise with on-exchange reporting. By combining the companies’ existing reporting platforms and utilising the respective strengths of each firm, the partnership offers an unparalleled breadth and quality of service.
Boat was established in 2007 in response to the regulatory pressures introduced when MiFID I was implemented. Since inception, its core technology has been supplied by Cinnober, who acquired Boat in 2014 and later renamed it Simplitium. Cinnober, which was bought by Nasdaq in 2019, provides the core platform for TRADEcho services that are integrated and hosted by LSE.
LSE is a diversified international market infrastructure and capital markets business sitting at the heart of the world’s financial community. The Group can trace its history back to 1698. The Group operates a broad range of international equity, bond and derivatives markets, including: London Stock Exchange; Borsa Italia; MTS (Europe’s leading fixed income market); and Turquoise (a pan-European equities MTF). The Group also provides customers with an extensive range of real time and reference data products, including SEDOL, UnaVista and RNS. Further information on The Group can be found at www.lseg.com.