Britain scheduled to leave EU (Brexit)

On the 31st of October Britain is scheduled to leave the EU.

31 Oct 2019

SI regime for derivatives delayed until 2020

ESMA delays SI regime for derivatives until 2020 at the latest.

30 Jan 2019

SI Regime enforced for equity-like and bond instruments

European investment firms that are mandated or that have opted-in to be a Systematic Internaliser are required to comply with pre-trade transparency obligations.

1 Sep 18

ESMA publish first Double Volume Cap data


7 Mar 2018

MiFID II Go-Live

MiFID II goes live on the 3rd January 2018.

3 Jan 2018

TRADEcho Phase 2 Go-Live

TRADEcho phase 2 (Production) will go live on the 20th of November 2017*.

* Production Go-Live date is pending completion of internal testing and customer readiness activities. 

20 Nov 2017

TRADEcho Customer Dress Rehearsal

Further TRADEcho customer dress rehearsals will take place on the 7th and 28th of October 2017. 

Oct 2017

London Stock Exchange Approved as an APA for MiFID II Reporting

London Stock Exchange plc received regulatory approval from the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). The approval means that TRADEcho will be able to publish post-trade transparency reports on behalf of investment firms to help them meet their reporting obligations under MiFID II. 

Read more here.

23 Sep 17

Customer Development Service Phase 2 Go-Live

Customer Development Service phase 2 will go live on the 8th of August 2017*. 

*Customer Development Service Go-Live will be in maintenance mode. 

8 Aug 2017

Customer Development Service Phase 1 Go-Live

Customer Development Service phase 1 will go live on the 7th of August 2017. 

7 Aug 2017

TRADEcho Phase 1 Go-Live

TRADEcho phase 1 went live on the 19th of June 2017. 

Jun 2017

TRADEcho Customer Dress Rehearsal

TRADEcho customer dress rehearsals will take place on the 20th of May and 3rd of June 2017. More information here.

May 2017

SIX Swiss TDM Mandate

SIX Swiss Exchange approved London Stock Exchange plc as a Trade Data Monitor (TDM) through its TRADEcho service

Mar 2017

London Stock Exchange plc apply for APA mandate

London Stock Exchange plc apply to the FCA for MiFID II Approved Publication Arrangement (APA) status

Feb 2017

Smart Report Router

TRADEcho launches the APA agnostic Smart Report Router providing clients with flexibility

Jan 2017

Post-Trade initiative of the year

TRADEcho is nominated for ‘Post-Trade initiative of the year’ by the Financial News

20 Sep 2016

London Stock Exchange hosting TRADEcho

TRADEcho annouce that the service will be hosted and operated by the London Stock Exchange ensuring limited impact to existing London Stock Exchange Members

8 Jul 2016

London Stock Exchange and Boat Services partner to form TRADEcho

Boat Services and the London Stock Exchange announce the TRADEcho partnership bringing together their existing trade publication services (TDM) which alongside UnaVista's regulatory reporting suite provides a MiFID II one-stop shop

3 Sep 2015

Russian OTC trading

Boat Services adds Russian instruments to its trade reporting service, supporting the post trade publication of Russian OTC trading.

9 Jul 2015

Autorised by Six Swiss Exchange

Boat Services becomes the first approved Trade Data Monitor (TDM) for SIX Swiss Exchange. This agreement provides further flexibility for foreign participants of SIX Swiss Exchange, designated as "Remote Members".

Apr 2011

Autorised by the FCA

Boat Services and London Stock Exchange become authorised by the FCA as Trade Data Monitor's under MiFID I regulation facilitating trade publication

Nov 2007

1698 London Stock Exchange

For over 300 years, the London Stock Exchange has produced detailed market information for companies and investors. For further details on our history select here:  London Stock Exchange History

Jan 1698