TRADEcho are still on-boarding SRR and APA clients

If you have not yet selected your APA and are worried about not being ready by the 3rd of January 2018, don’t worry, we can help! At TRADEcho we have a large team of technical experts who can help you on-board quickly, so you can ensure regulatory compliance.
On-boarding cut off
As we get closer to the MiFID II deadline there are some important cut off dates to look out for. If you require FIX connectivity you will need to be contractually committed to TRADEcho and have begun the on-boarding process by the 30th November 2017 in order to be fully connected by January 3rd 2018. 

Beyond this date we can only operate on a best-efforts basis to ensure you are on-boarded for FIX connectivity. However, we can still offer portal on-boarding after this point as a reporting solution for MiFID II. 
Trusted by many
Over 380 firms have selected TRADEcho and on-boarded clients are successfully testing the solution. If you have not yet finalised your MiFID II transparency arrangements, please contact a member of the TRADEcho team today.

 How can TRADEcho help?
TRADEcho has extensive experience in providing world-class solutions that help firms comply in this increasingly complex regulatory landscape. TRADEcho was formed through a partnership between the London Stock Exchange Group (LSEG) and Simplitium (formerly known as boat Services) to deliver compliant, simplified and cost effective reporting services for MiFID II. The services combine the strengths of Simplitium and the LSEG to form a team of industry, regulatory and technical experts. By combining the two existing reporting platforms and utilising the respective strengths of each firm, TRADEcho offers an unparalleled breadth and quality of service.
If you have not yet finalised your MiFID II transparency arrangements, please contact a member of the TRADEcho team today.
Approved Publication Arrangement
TRADEcho is approved as an Approved Publication Arrangement (APA) under MiFID II and provides investment firms with the mechanism to publish trades they have executed in line with regulatory timeframes and thereby meet their MiFID II trade transparency obligations. 

Smart Report Router 
TRADEcho's Smart Report Router (SRR) determines if and when an investment firm should publish a trade, and when there is a requirement, routes that trade to an APA for publication. By using the SRR, instead of connecting directly to multiple APAs, firms achieve flexibility while keeping costs down.

SI Determination
On the pre-trade side, TRADEcho provides Investment Firms with the tools to determine if they qualify as a Systematic Internaliser (SI) and keeps firms informed of their SI status in real time.
SI Quoting
The SI Quoting service gives SIs the tools to publish quotes via the LSE market data service (GTP) or on the TRADEcho website and thereby meet their pre-trade transparency obligations.

Assisted Reporting
TRADEcho's Assisted Reporting allows firms to report trades on behalf of clients. With the Assisted Reporting service firms can support their clients choice of APA and enable real time visibility of trades published, ensuring regulatory oversight.