150 days until MiFID II

Time to finalise your trade transparency solutions and vendor arrangements
As of tomorrow, there will only be 150 days left until MiFID II goes live. As we quickly approach the 3rd of January 2018, it is essential that firms finalise their MiFID II arrangements.
At this point you should know if you have a post-trade reporting obligation, how you are going to determine which trades are eligible for post-trade reporting and which APA your firm will use to make trades public.
291 firms are now contracted with TRADEcho for MiFID II trade reporting to meet their transparency obligations. If you have not finalised your MiFID II arrangements, then time truly is of the essence. Contact TRADEcho today to talk about how our market leading multi-asset class reporting services for MiFID II can can help your firm ensure regulatory compliance.

TRADEcho: helping you ensure regulatory compliance!
TRADEcho provides firms with the tools to meet their pre and post-trade reporting obligation under MiFID II and has extensive experience in delivering transparency solutions to the finance industry. The services were formed through a partnership between the London Stock Exchange Group (LSEG) and Boat Services, who have operated as a Trade Data Monitor under MiFID for over 10 years with 90% market share and 100% up time. By combining the strengths of Boat's and the LSEG's existing reporting platforms, and utilising the respective strengths of each firm, TRADEcho offers an unparalleled breadth and quality of service.